What we learn, becomes a part of who we are.

Using Social Media influencers

The Aesthetic Communications Management program is all about linking the most current social media influencers, with the right brand.

Arthletic (Instagram: @ARThletic_wear) is an art inspired yoga wear brand located in Serbia, wanting to increase their presence within Australia. As the company ships internationally, this can be made possible. Arthletic Wear is a brand of hand-designed athletic wear, made with the goal to sprinkle some creativity and high fashion to the lives of active people. Their clothing is created with high-quality Italian fabrics and printed with durable sublimation printing techniques- ensuring the product is nothing but perfect.

The company contacted us at Aesthetic Communications; with a brief as mentioned above- increase their presence within Australia. Due to the company being only known in Serbia, we had to learn everything about the brand so we could find the right person to team them up with, as well as find the best concept to be able to gain them exposure. Once we felt comfortable with the knowledge we had of the company, and understanding their goals, we were able to undertake a research program within our current talent management, and link the business to the right person who can successful portray what they initially wanted. Through consolidation with our team, we partnered up Arthletic Wear with Izzi.

Izzi is a prominent fashion blogger based here in Australia, who has a large following of over 47,000 active followers. Izzi is your typical young fashion blogger who lives in Sydney. With her large online following Izzi is now undertaking her own active wear clothing, proving that her influence is quite large on her following. One of the reasons why we facilitated in the partnership between Arthletic Wear and Izzi, is because Izzi has had experience in being able to promote companies on Instagram, without making it look like an advertisement (which can tend to lead to the loss of followers for most Instagram bloggers).

With both ourselves here at Aesthetic Communication, Arthletic Wear and Izzi, we came up with the idea of the style of a photo shoot in order to achieve the type of vision and goals the company wanted, and also to suit the minimalistic style of Izzi’s Instagram page (allows her to keep a primary focus on what she is wearing, rather than what is surrounded by her). We kept it nice and simple with a white background and kept the focus on the athletic wear from Arthletic Wear. The post got over 600 likes on her Instagram from one single photo.

What were the results from the collaboration? Arthletic Wear was able to increase their brand exposure thanks to the single photo that reached over 47,000 followers, which also guarantees that the company gained new followers and potential clients within Australia (targeting their goal). Not only did Izzi get content for her Instagram fashion blog, thanks to the reposting of the picture on Arthletic Wear’s Instagram page, it also created content for their blog. This also created cross promotion between both the blogger and the company- increasing both the brand and bloggers recognition.  Thanks to the collaboration and the permanent picture on Izzi’s Instagram page, it has led to Arthletic Wear gaining a new loyal brand ambassador of their company, whom will help promote and influence their followers to buy the product.

The program provides sources bloggers to produce content for businesses within Australia, and also globally. We go to the business and supply it with service of the blogger and facilitate the process to make it easier, by making the bloggers stick to time frames and deliver the product or services without deleting the content. We also facilitate in the negotiation of set pricing for the service of the blogger and ourselves as an agency.

Jessica Sarkis