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The Narrative of Video

Stories have the power to evoke, inspire and alter feelings and emotion within a person.

Within marketing, a good story has the ability to position products and services within the emotional realm – Which can take the market on compelling journey they are keen experience.

By far, the most effective form of storytelling within your marketing materials is through the use of video. If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine what a video can say! Using a unique, quirky or bespoke narrative to explain key ideas, products or services is a great way to communicate to your target audience. This method is not only personally catered to your business, but is much more effective than simply listing out facts and figures. People will remember a well told story compared to a boring list of text. This isn’t a new trend, but the power of video over the marketing industry has truly taken hold in recent times.

Your video content says a great deal about your business, and video presence has become almost essential in the online space. Storytelling through video has turned into a strategic tool used to form personal connections between brands and consumers. Which means that video can now be used to increase brand awareness and thus drive revenue.

The success of a video campaign revolves around the use of emotional branding. Creating an experience which resonates with the target audience is no easy feat. A great deal of thought must be given to each individual element of a video. At the moment, I’m finding more and more consumers are responding better to interactive and “human-based” marketing campaigns. Video content and themes must be relatable and relevant. The following are just a few key considerations to take into account when putting together a video campaign which succeeds in connecting with the target.

A Planned Structure

The idea of traditional narratives should definitely be brought across into the digital realm. It is important that a video has an orientation, a complication, resolution and a conclusion. The scene must be set, and the product or service introduced, along with the pain points and how they are addressed.

Correct Format and Flow

It’s all well and good to have a great story planned out, but it is essential that it is presented in the right way. Do you have a strict focus on words, real world footage, illustrations or animations? It all depends on the target and goals of the campaign. Ensure that the medium and execution is the right one which will connect with the correct target audience.

Bring the story to life

The story, characters and concepts are what makes it all happen. Ensure everything fits well within the context and are interacting actively. Give life to the individual elements of the video in order for it to be more dynamic and engaging to the consumer.

As you can see the importance of figuring out how to tell a story through video is vital to the success of a campaign. What you’re telling the consumer is just one aspect, the real focus should be on the process and planning.

Now go out there and make engaging videos! (And leave a lasting impression on your potential customers)

Jessica Sarkis