What we learn, becomes a part of who we are.

The End of Design?

Fear not, friends! It is virtually impossible for design to cease existing.

“How do you know that Anthony? Who does this guy think he is? Prove it!”

Well, it all comes down to a few key reasons.

Firstly, in this vast and ever-changing world in which we live there are multitudes of differing cultures and worldviews that shape the way people perceive and experience different things. Without delving too deeply into human psychology (aka keeping it simple) – An individual’s environment and upbringing play a huge role in shaping their personality. Their personality then directly affects the way they interpret everything in the world, be it: situations, experiences and even images. In fact, the exact same image can evoke differing reactions or emotions depending on your personality.

Hermann Rorschach, who developed the famous and aptly named Rorschach Test, explored the link between personality and visual stimuli. The fact that the exact same image, or colour, can conjure up different feelings in a diverse range of people, essentially means that design as a whole (Whether graphic, product or environment) will always be able to have a profoundly personal emotional impact on humanity. This idea ensures that design will always be relevant.

What do you see?

Secondly, the origins of all forms of design are firmly rooted in the history books. The major art movements, which officially began with The Renaissance in the 14th Century, have played a vitally important part in shaping society. Many of the values, skills, and schools of thought in society are the direct offspring of the ideologies created in the different periods of art and humanity. Art (Creativity) and Society (Humankind) go hand in hand. As humans make any societal progress, whether in science or lifestyle, their creativity is altered and geared towards different purposes. We can see examples of this time and time again in history. Identifying these patterns in the past shows that the future of design is not only ever-changing but an integral part of shaping society and starting trends. Without design, humanity ceases to be creative, things will become generic and progressive ideas will be neglected. Design has always been an agent of change, without design society becomes more and more likely to remain the same and turn stale.

Finally, humans are capable of generating an infinite amount of ideas. As long as creative thought is around, there will never be a time when ideas run out. As humans, we all have the same wonderful capability of being 100% totally original. And at the time of writing, there are 7,486,555,278 of us on this floating rock – which means there are so many ideas and thoughts which we have never heard before.

And that is the real wonder of design and creativity – It is truly endless.

Anthony Georges