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PR Professionals

Why you should always have a PR Professional handy

Have you found your business ever in a PR Crisis and just need one person to ask for Strategic PR advice?

You never know when, heaven forbid something bad happens to you or your business and you need to quickly get out of a potential PR Pickle! In times of crisis you need to have a strong relationship with a key PR personnel or agency that understands your business inside and out.

Now, lets explain the definition of a PR Crisis. Say for example you own a store, restaurant or café and have been caught with a pest problem on video at one of your locations. What implications would that have for your brand? It could go either good or bad, at any point in time without proper guidance and council.

In the last two weeks, we have experienced two potential PR Crisis’s that can and we’re avoided due to our services. We had a long-term relationship with the client and understood all facets of their business from their customers to their suppliers. Once each potential issue unfolded, we were able to very quickly jump on board, understand the situation and know exactly how to handle it to avoid it becoming a PR Nightmare for our client.

Due to our long-standing relationship with the client, we found we knew how our client would respond in this situation, prepared and drafted up our response, approved it with the client with very little changes and then disseminated the release within minutes.

Furthermore, provided that the PR Professional understands your Business well, they will have a very clear understanding of all of the Stakeholders involved. Inside of every Crisis there is always multiple ways to handle the situation. Your PR Professional will always be able to understand the implications involved with each strategy they suggest.

Finally, our connections get you results! We are paid to have access to every single person you need your Press Release sent to. In a time of a crisis we understand more information about how your news will be disseminated than any other person. We know when they will post it, how they will post, and where they will post it.

The value of having access to a dedicated PR Team or Professional cannot be stressed enough if you take your business seriously. Just remember it takes 30 years to build a reputation, but 30 seconds to destroy it.

Jessica Sarkis