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Advertising to reach your audience

Recently, I was driving down a major highway when I saw a billboard for a current radio station, advertising their two new morning breakfast hosts.

The billboard was quite simple really, it featured the station number and name, then the image and names of the two radio hosts. Don’t get me wrong when I say this, but who are these hosts they are advertising to me to listen to? This billboard simply wasn’t enough to push me over the line and listen to these two hosts that I know nothing about.

Now, I implore you to think about what encourages you to make a change with your radio listening habits and would a billboard be enough for you to make a change? The answer is up to you entirely, however if we use this advertising example as an awareness tool it is fantastic and has done just that. However let’s analyse this one step further.

When promoting radio hosts we are selling their personalities, which need to be showcased in a unique way, usually through video or audio snippets. As relatively new, unheard of Radio Hosts, a billboard doesn’t accurately portray their personalities and what is unique about them for you to listen to.  Forming relationships with new listeners cannot simply be formed through a billboard, if this was the integral or only part of their Marketing Campaign, it would fail.

Secondly, who are these hosts? I am pretty sure I do not live under a rock, however these two names really do not mean anything to me. They weren’t household names so it was unclear to me why their name would simply be enough recognition for my brain to make the radio station switch.

Another point to mention, once I have seen this billboard, what would you like the potential listener to do? There was no call to action, such as “Make the switch”, or “tune in now”, further prompting me to write this blog.

Finally, there was no other Marketing or brand awareness undertaken for me to be aware of this new radio programme. Now, just with my knowledge of Marketing and Advertising, I understand that you must touch the consumer at least 7 times prior to them making a purchase or encourage them to make a decision. If I had, over Sydney only been exposed to this campaign through this billboard and only when I drove past it, it is a failure.

What could they do better next time? Well, they could actually think about the new listeners they are trying to reach and base the campaign around them. Rather than be such a broad awareness tool, about two relatively unknown presenters, if they focused more on how to reach a new range of listeners through utilising the radio hosts personalities it would have been a lot more successful.

Jessica Sarkis